Ultimate Dip Pack - Pomegranate Molasses

Ultimate Dip Pack - Pomegranate Molasses

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Traditionally known as Molasses, the syrup in this pack is made from pure organic Azerbaijan grown pomegranate juice. The juice, along with a little sugar, lime juice and selected spice is reduced by three times to achieve the correct level of consistency and taste.

Like all of the syrups found in our dip packs, the Pomegranate Molasses is somewhat astringent by its self, but it delivers the strong mouth-watering Pomegranate flavours which are berry like, but with floral tones over laid with cinnamon.

When coupled with Rockhaven delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the resulting bread dip provides a kick start for your taste buds. Serve at the beginning of a meal as an appetiser.

Each pack contains:
250ml Rockhaven Estate Blend delicate extra virgin olive oil
50ml Pomegranate Molasses