Dip Packs

The Ultimate Dip: best served with fresh crusty bread....

To give your taste buds a kick start, Rockhaven has created the ultimate bread dip. Using selected fresh natural and acidic fruit, we have developed a range of astringent syrups, that when paired with one of our delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oils deliver's the Ultimate Dip.

Each Ultimate Dip pack, includes a 250ml bottle of Rockhaven Estate Blend delicate extra virgin olive oil, and a 50ml jar of selected syrup.

Best served with fresh crusty bread such as Ciabatta, put a spoon of syrup into a dish and then top with five spoonful’s of Rockhaven Estate delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Plunge your bread down through the oil and into the syrup. Give it a good twist and then into your mouth for a unique taste experience.

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